Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The cream cheese incident

Years ago, when I had my first bagel at a local corner deli- it was piled high with a good inch and a half of cream cheese. From that point forward, this became my norm. Place an unlimited amount of cream cheese in front of me and I am going to pile it on like there's no tomorrow.

So this morning, like most others, I head to the cafeteria to buy my normal bagel with veggie cream cheese. I have always (almost a year) used the same amount of cream cheese and been charged $1.58. Today, I'm charged $1.90 with no explanation. I say, "Shouldn't that be $1.58?" and I was told, "No, it's $1.90" again - with no explanation. I respond - "Did they go up?" and I'm told, "you have extra cream cheese - we have to charge for extra cream cheese."

Now I understand that prices go up - but what I don't appreciate is when it's done in a sneaky way. If you want to charge me for extra cream cheese - fine - I'll be glad to pay the extra .32. BUT - I'd like to know what exactly constitutes "extra cream cheese" and how is that determined at the register? Will there be one of those measure sticks like at the amusements parks - "Place bagel here to see if you have to pay extra for the cream cheese ride?"

Ugh. Think I'm going to dig out my Mr. Bento and start packing my lunches again rather than be humiliated over my daily bagel....

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pyotrkot said...

I encountered a sneaky price gouging method at a local coffee shop. They downsized their paper cups by bringing in a smaller regular. The former regular is now called Medium & ... You guessed it, the previous medium is the new Large. Of course the old Large is now Extra Large.

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